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Kris Krohn is most notable for his real estate investment program creation, the Strait Path System.

Kris Krohn Explains the Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth
Kris KrohnKris Krohn is a successful real estate investment professional. While still pursuing his undergraduate degree, Kris Krohn began investing in real estate and owned more than 25 properties just two years after graduation. Since his early days in real estate, Kris Krohn has honed his expertise in real estate investment in many forms, including rentals, flips, foreclosures and more. His experiences have helped Kris Krohn secure a six-figure income that many seasoned professionals would envy.

Rather than hiding his proven strategies for building wealth through real estate investment, Kris Krohn developed and documented the Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth to help anyone improve his or her financial health. Here, Kris Krohn describes the Strait Path system and how anyone can get started today.

Q: Thanks for presenting the Strait Path to readers.

Kris Krohn: My pleasure.
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Kris Krohn Encourages Investors to Build a Real Estate Power Team
Kris KrohnKris Krohn is the first to admit that building wealth through real estate investing is not easy, and is virtually impossible to do alone. Kris Krohn learned early in his career that the best way to be successful in real estate investing is by dividing and conquering. To Kris Krohn, a “power team” is essential to building life-changing wealth through real estate. This Q&A explains the elements of a power team and why there is no “I” in this team.

Q: A lot of investors seem to make money from real estate. Is it really that hard?

Kris Krohn: While we have all heard stories of real estate moguls going it alone, the truth is, most have a team of experts behind them. There are so many moving parts when it comes to real estate and it is always changing. For someone new to real estate, it is particularly difficult to stay on top of all areas of real estate, including buying, selling, financing, rehabilitating, maintenance, contracts, and more.
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Kris Krohn Advises Investors to Create a Successful Game Plan
Kris KrohnKris Krohn and Strongbrook believe in the power of a solid game plan when it comes to achieving success through real estate investing. Unfortunately, Kris Krohn has witnessed a number of failures by others in the real estate investment world, often due to lack of planning and perseverance. Here, Kris Krohn describes the Strait Path game plan that has proven successful for helping investors build wealth through real estate.

Q: What is a game plan in the Strait Path system?

Kris Krohn: The game plan lays the foundation for creating life-changing wealth through real state. The major pieces of the game plan include identifying and leveraging hidden assets, a 10-year customized goal, and a commitment to enduring to the end. The plan includes both beginning goals and end goals, and a step-by-step process throughout. The game plan provides a solid pathway to retirement by the end of year 10.
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Kris Krohn on the Conscious Creator
Kris KrohnKris Krohn, and co-author Stephen Palmer, wrote The Conscious Creator to encourage people everywhere to take charge of their lives. Since a young age, Kris Krohn has embraced change while striving to achieve his dreams, and now spends his time teaching others to do the same. In the following Q&A, Kris Krohn describes the laws of conscious creation that anyone can use to live out their passion.

Q: What is conscious creation?

Kris Krohn: Conscious creation means thinking and acting intentionally to achieve goals in life. Everyone has a passion, goal and purpose, but getting to it is sometimes difficult. Oftentimes, people allow themselves to be limited by their own misperceptions about how they should be living their lives. Many people are in jobs that do not interest them, relationships that are unfulfilling, and are watching their dreams slip further away every day. The conscious creator takes charge, embraces risk, and makes a commitment to achieving great success in life.
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Kris Krohn on the Advantages of Real Estate Over Traditional Retirement Funding Options
Kris KrohnKris Krohn highlights benefits of real estate as a liquid asset and explains why 401k plans may not be the financial stronghold future retirees need.

Retirement plans have their place, says Kris Krohn. That place, however, is not for those who want to retire comfortably. The real estate investment expert explains that retirement plans including 401(k)s and IRAs are typically invested in low-risk stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds. Those seeking a higher rate of return simply will not find it here.

In addition to low returns, an individual retirement plan is not an easily liquidated asset. Kris Krohn points out that fees involved in early withdrawal can immediately eliminate 30 percent or more of a retirement account balance. For instance, an individual under the age of 59 1/2 who needs to withdraw money from a typical 401(k) account can expect to pay a penalty of 10 percent. On top of that, the money is, at this point, considered income and subject to income taxes.
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Contact Kris Krohn
Kris Krohn
518 W. 800 N. Suite 204
Orem, Utah 84057
Phone: (801) 691-0375

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